What Element Are You?

What Element Are You?

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We talk a lot about the Chinese 5 Elements in our practice and in our trainings. In the Chinese tradition, the entire universe can be understood through the movement of energy in a cycle of elements. This movement governs our circadian rhythm of day and night but also life rhythms. It also governs the cycles of the seasons. Understanding how this energy works in our own lives can be a powerful tool on every level of consciousness.

The Fire Element (Summer): You can think of fire energy as “heart” energy. It is our ability to appropriately connect with others with “open-heartedness” or firm boundaries. The heart energy also governs our mental clarity and sleep cycles. This is also the energy of being able to “sort it out”, meaning it is our ability to take in information or nourishment and then sort through and assimilate what we need and discard the rest both on the mental level and the physical level.

The Earth Element (Autumn): This is the energy of nourishment on the physical, mental and spiritual level. It is our ability to give nurturing AND receive it! In earth energy, the stomach and the spleen work together to “digest” what we have taken in. Sometimes, we can digest things easily and other times we need to churn it over again and again. The spleen energy then converts these nutrients into usable energy. Earth energy also governs our ability to find wisdom and fulfill our soul purpose, desires, dreams, and visions.

The Metal Element (Fall): As the energy of the lung and large intestine meridians, the Metal element is our ability to let go of the old, become inspired, and take in the new. You can think of the metal elements the metaphor that deep within the earth there are precious nuggets of gold. Metal energy is involved with our ability to ward off infections (like colds…and coronavirus…) as well as our ability to be clear in our perceptions and senses so that we can tune-in.

The Water Element (Winter): The water element, consisting of kidney and bladder meridians, is the most emotional of the elements. Like water, emotions are most balanced when they are able to run their course with smooth, unobstructed movement. This allows us to easily navigate obstacles and stay in the flow of life. Certain emotions can inhibit this flow like fear. Fear can well up and overwhelm us. The energy of water also oversees our long term cycles like the seasons of lives. It is the our ancestral energy and when it is vital we easily grow and mature but when it becomes depleted, life transitions become more difficult. It is the energy of willpower, drive and ambition and when balanced we easily focus and move towards our goals, we can stay in the flow of life and make clear decisions to make it happen.

The Wood Energy (Spring): Spring energy is the energy of the liver and gall bladder meridians. This is the energy of our life plan or soul purpose and our ability to make decisions to execute it. When we have solid wood energy, much like a tree, we are strong and yet still flexible, we know what we need to do and we easily execute our to-do list to match. When we get distracted from our plan, life gives us a solid obstacle to push us back on track. These obstacles can cause frustration and anger and indecision but they are not bad, they are just there to help guide the way and nudge us back into alignment…or sometimes they can feel like a cosmic 2×4, either way they are only lessons meant to help us stay on track or awaken us to our true soul purpose.

It is said in Chinese tradition that we are all experiencing all of the energies but we generally have one element that governs the archetype of our lives. Understanding your element and the element of those around you can help you to see how you navigate the world and where your obstacles might arise. Much like a great personality test! We love the book The Five Elements by Dondi Dahlin for taking a deeper dive!

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