The Season of Letting Go

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The Season of Letting Go

Season of Letting Go

This is my very favorite time of year! I love it when the air cools down and the trees start to change. I love the sound of leaves crunching under my feet and the smell of fires in firepits. I could stare for hours at the flames and be completely happy. Not to mention my birthday is in the end of September (which I like to celebrate as much as I can) and my anniversary is just a few days after that. This year I turned 44 and Pat and I have been married for 20 years. It is a banner year and I am excited about the next phase of our lives. In fact, this is the first time I have ever decided to plan for the next 7 year journey with intention. For the most part, our circadian rhythm happens in 7-year cycles, and for the most part, I have just let those cycles happen with not much thought around it. I have made short term goals, yearly goals, 3-year goals etc. But I have never considered the goals or intentions I wanted to set for the 7-year cycle. This year that changed. I decided to see what it would be like to set a goal for this cycle. Those intentions revolve around returning in a way to my long lost adventurer. I am a 7 enneagram and if you know about that at all, that means that I have wanderlust, adventure, and fun in my heart. Of course, 7’s also need to find a true connection and grounding. My journey thus far has helped me to find that space of contentment and joy, and I have certainly had my share of adventure! But I am using this next 7 years to reconnect to my wanderer, my wild woman, my sorceress! That means letting go of some pretty big shit.

This is the perfect time to do it! Fall is the season of Metal in Taoist Chinese Medicine. Metal is associated with the Lung and Large Intestine and is all about our ability to exhale the old so that we can be inspired. It is the ability to process information and then literally let that shit go! So, I am using the energy of this time to support me in fully embracing and being inspired by the next phase of my life while simultaneously releasing all of the energetic bonds that hold me back.

I admit it, out loud, to you, my biggest issue has been shame/judgment/doubt. I have spent most of my life looking in the mirror and actively having to work on the negative self-talk and shame around my body that shows up. For 20 years, I avoided seeing my bare bottom in the mirror. And it wasn’t just all on the outside, I had plenty of self-doubt on the inside as well. I have been driven by self-doubt and the need for external validation. My deepest fears are not being liked, being left out, and being judged. I have worked tirelessly on my education for fear of not knowing the answer or not being able to explain what I do. I cower in the face of paternal energy for fear that I will not be judged good enough. Because of sexual trauma, I have disconnected from my true internal sacral chakra goddess power. In fact, because of verbal and sexual abuse, I spent most of my life out of my body completely. I told myself I was great with trauma, it didn’t bother me at all! The truth is, how could it? I wasn’t even here!

I am using this powerful energetic time to realign my life with the 8 C’s found in the Internal Family Systems program. These represent our self-energy and are the characteristics of our higher self.

  • Confidence
  • Curiosity
  • Compassion
  • Courage
  • Clarity
  • Calm
  • Connectedness
  • Creativity.

In order for me to live from this place, I have to connect to my true divine essence.

We are in the perfect season to get grounded, align with the 8 C’s, and take a look at what we are ready to let go of. This is the time to release them or take them with you again through the next cycle. If you are unsure, seek community and healers that can help you identify these core beliefs and help you to let go. Create a plan for what you would like to do with all of the extra energy you will have now that you are not constantly processing all of this old shit! It is amazing how far-reaching even committing to letting go of one thing can be. Remember to thank whatever this belief was. It was put in place to keep you safe and has done its job ever since! And now from that place of higher self, you can let it go. Your story is your story, it has happened. But it doesn’t have to continue happening! You do not have to make it part of your present or your future. Every time we wake up and “remember” ourselves, we reprogram ourselves to that frequency. Use this time to reprogram and realign, envision a future without the restraints of these beliefs and then release, like the trees release their leaves with no fear that they will come back in the spring.


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