The Five Bodies of Consciousness

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The Five Bodies of Consciousness

When we talk about wellness we need to talk about how we show up on all the levels – not just the physical realm. That is where The Five Bodies of Consciousness come into play.

The Five Bodies are:

  • The Bliss Body – ALL, EVERYTHING.   It is our connection to the all one energy that is the root of all being we call consciousness.
  • The Supramental Body -consists of our predetermined energetic information like our astrology chart, our personality types, our ancestral patterns, social and familial conditioning and beliefs.  It is the seat of our intuition and pure creativity.  This is also the level of our Elemental imbalance in Chinese 5 Elements and the Doshas in the Ayrvedic tradition. This is the spiritual and causal body of the auric field.
  • The Mental Body – commonly referred to as the mind.  This is the level in which we begin to assign mental meaning and create thoughts.  The beliefs and attitudes of the supramental body, become the filter for how we think and express ourselves.  At this level, the thoughts begin to create our reality.    This is the Mental and Astral body of the auric field.
  • The Vital Body –  the Morphogenetic Blueprint (Rupert Sheldrake), our energy “map” of who we will become physically.  It is governed by the mind, supramental and bliss body.  This is the energetic structure that controls cell differentiation and the energetic blueprint of our body including our organs and bodily systems.
  • The Physical Body –  represents the collapse of the other bodies of consciousness.  This is the realm of the sensory experience and our physical universe, atoms, molecules, proteins and DNA.  This is the physical body of the auric field.

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