Individual QBF Subscription
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$262.00 / month
We know that complimentary wellness can sometimes exceed the budget!.  That is why we created Quantum Biofeedback Subscription plans that give you access to weekly sessions at an affordable price! Maintain your overall wellness with weekly sessions of Quantum Biofeedback.
Individual Session QIW
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No stress, no traffic, and pants are totally your choice: our one hour session via Zoom is a perfect way to fit wellness care into a busy schedule.  In these sessions we will  have the opportunity to explore all of the different modalities needed to get to the root of the issue.
Money Manifistation
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$33.00 / month
Weekly group balancing to help clear imbalances that could be blocking full financial abundance and wealth.
Premiere Subscription
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$393.00 / month
Continuous and broad support, this subscription features 2 monthly QIW sessions, 2 monthly QBF sessions, weekly exports to the Quanta Cap app, a monthly progress report, and access to all group wellness events.
Quantum BioFeedback Session
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A single 40-minute session of Quantum Biofeedback, a mini-report, and exports to the Quanta Cap app (sold separately) if requested.  
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$39.00 / month
Weekly group balancing that focuses on stress relief, emotional balancing and overall wellness.  
Weight Release
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$55.00 / month
Weekly group balancing that focuses on supporting deep, root, issues of weight management on all levels including neural pathways, hormones, ancestral patterns and core beliefs.