Quantum Integrative Wellness Packages

We also offer a host of different options from our full spectrum of complimentary wellness toolbox! A Quantum Integrative Wellness appointment or package can be remote and use a combination of different vibrational energy modalities to address the needs of the client.

Brain Integration for Peak Performance

Be the best you!

Are you feeling scattered?  Forgetting things?  Wanting to be less stressed and more efficient with your time? How is your memory or your focus?

Time is valuable, and these days inefficiency can be very expensive.

Brain Integration packages are designed to help optimize brain function for a clearer mind, better memory and more energy to get it done.

For people who experience AD/HD or similar symptoms, memory or retention issues, sensory stimulation issues, or learning disabilities.

Brain Integration for learning

Help end the struggle!

o you or child struggle to remember?  Do you have difficulty reading or remembering what you read?  Do you sometimes find math or spelling a challenge?

Brain Integration packages are designed to help take the struggle out, optimize brain function, increase memory and support dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia pathways.

For people who experience SLDs or similar symptoms, memory or retention issues, sensory stimulation issues.

Brain Integration for Autism

Helping the Super Hero!

Have you or someone you love been diagnosed with Autism or something on the spectrum?  Brain Integration for Autism combines the newest neurological research with the most advanced vibrational technologies to help address the many pathways involved in overall brain function, brain waves, and pathways.

For people who experience Autism or similar symptoms, memory or retention issues, sensory stimulation issues.

Mood stability

Help to relieve the constant struggle!

The feelings of anxiety and depression can often be debilitating, and even with medication can leave us feeling sluggish, upset and alone.  The Mood Stability package was created to address the many neurotransmitters, neuro-emotional pathways and energetic structures involved in the symptoms created by both anxiety and depression.

For people who experience feelings of anxiety, excessive worry, depression or similar symptoms.

Weight release

10 Weeks to a New You!

You have tried everything from the most current #1 best selling diet plan to counting every calorie.  For people who trying to lose weight, the struggle is real.  There can be a whole host of forces working against you including hormones, neurotransmitters, and deep seated emotions and beliefs.  This program is designed to help educate you on how your brain affects your body, the right eating plan for you and how to create true habits of change.

10 Week Detox

It is time to take back your energy!

Are you feeling sluggish?  Is your digestion slow?  Do you think you are more sensitive to foods than you used to be?  Maybe you just need a solid reset button!  This 10-week program was designed to help strengthen our detox pathways including digestion, parasites and the microbiome, liver, kidney, and bladder and so much more!

“When our behaviors match our intentions, when our actions are equal to our thoughts, when our minds and our bodies are working together, when our words and our deeds are aligned, there is an immense power behind any individual.” Joe Dispenza