Group Healing Services

Many people feel uncomfortable working in groups, but this kind of group work is different…And here is why!

First of all, this is not group therapy.  We are not going to sit around in a circle and spill our guts, although, I believe in that too, this isn’t that!

This type of group work focuses on coming together to use the power of group energy to magnify healing.  We know through several substantial research projects and in particular, the Intention Project, conducted and researched by Lynne McTaggart, that when a group comes together to focus on a single intention, it amplifies the healing effect, and when that group focuses on other peoples healing first, there is a rebound effect!  

I have been working with individuals for years, and I have seen real miracles happen right before my eyes.  But I truly believe that we can amplify and even speed up our healing potential when we focus our intentions together.  I have felt it over and over.  

So, how does this group thing work?  Well, we have many different options.  Find the “group” that best peaks your interest, or that your intuition points you too, and join!  Some groups have a weekly meeting, some just have a time when we focus on a single healing intention together.  My favorite is the ones where we combine a little bit of information and a little bit of healing meditation. 

Why not leverage the power of group intention to help you achieve your ultimate goals of health, wealth and true abundance?   

Quantum Integrative Wellness Packages

We also offer a host of different options from our full spectrum of complimentary wellness toolbox! A Quantum Integrative Wellness appointment or package can be in person or remote and use a combination of different vibrational energy modalities to address the needs of the client.

Quantum Integrative Wellness Packages

“When our behaviors match our intentions, when our actions are equal to our thoughts, when our minds and our bodies are working together, when our words and our deeds are aligned, there is an immense power behind any individual.” Joe Dispenza