Frequently Asked Questions

  • In order for us to really look at how any healing modality works, we first need to understand how we manifest dis-ease.  Often, our definition of wellness is the based upon the lack of symptoms like pain but that doesn’t mean we are well.  To truly heal, we must address the symptoms on the ALL of the levels where they are manifesting.  To explain this, I like to use the 5 Bodies of Consciousness approach.  First, it is important to understand that we are energetic beings have and physical experience. These “energetic bodies” can be broken down into 5 categories.
    1. The Bliss Body.  This is the energy of “all one”, God, source, in quantum physics we call it consciousness.  It is the great one energy that is the fabric of our entire reality.
    2.  The Supramental Body.  When we incarnate, we come into this realm with some predetermined information like our karmic records if you believe in reincarnation or your DNA if don’t.  It is also the realm of our personality traits like our astrological charts, our Ennegram, our Human Design, our archetypes etc…This is also the level of any of our societal or familial beliefs and perceptions.  We can access this level  through creativity and intuition.
    3. The Mental Level.  This is the realm of our thoughts and our mind.  How we think is governed by our personalities and our belief systems.  How we think creates specific neurotransmitters that relate to  and manage our neural pathways.  This is the bridge between the upper levels of our consciousness and our physical bodies.  
    4. The Vital Body.  When we think, we move energy in our vital body and we call this emotion.  This is where we find the Morphogenetic Blueprint (Rupert Sheldrake) of how our physical body will be.  It is also the realm of the governing energetic systems like meridians and chakras.
    5. The Physical Body.  Our thoughts creates brain chemistry which will govern glands and body chemistry.  Body chemistry governs protein production and proteins govern DNA expression.  At this level, we collapse from energetic potential into physical reality of senses, feelings and matter.  
    Having a basic understanding of this structure helps us to understand how all of the different types of healing modalities from modern medicine to mind-body modalities to chakra balancing all fit together.  In quantum physics, we say that at the Bliss level, we are infinite waves of potential or possibility.  As we become more physical we collapse from that possibility into reality.  When we become dis-eased in some way, we are collapsing that potential on several of the levels at once.  In order to heal completely, we must address the stress at any level where it is occurring from the physical where we are experiencing the issue to the emotions that created the imbalance, to the belief systems that governed the thought process that created the imbalance to begin with.
    Using the 5 Bodies of Consciousness as a guide allows me to work with clients for everything from pain disturbances to mood stability to what I call Consciousness Coaching which is designed to help us reach our full potentiality as a soulful being having a physical experience.

  • Quantum Integrative Wellness is a unique blend of cutting edge technologies that allow the practitioner to get to the root of issues causing dis-ease and help to harmonize them so that the body can find homeostasis and heal itself.  It combines  ancient techniques like Chinese Medicine and Chakra balancing with time test modalities like Energetic Kinesiology and 21st century technologies like BAUD (Bioacoustical  Utilization Device) sound therapy and  Quantum Biofeedback.  Understanding how and why  disease manifests is the key to reversing and healing.

  • Consciousness Coaching is a process developed to help us identify and harmonize unconscious and energetic patterns and beliefs that may be holding us back from reaching our greatest potential in our health, wealth, and relationships.

  • Not really, the only difference between them is really whether the client wants to work on a specific dis-ease like sleep disruptions or anxiety versus a life challenge like money issues or imbalances in relationships.
    No matter what the “dis-ease” is, we are going to approach it from the 5 Bodies perspective.  In every session, not matter what the issue is, I am always combining my modalities and techniques with coaching for a holistic approach to creating balance and wellness.

  • The truth is, everyone can benefit from a session because we all have stress and imbalances somewhere in our lives!  We most often see clients for:
    • Pain disturbances
    • Sleep disruption
    • Toxicity issues such as heavy metals and allergies
    • Emotional imbalances and life transitions such as anger and grief
    • Neurological imbalances such as anxiousness, mood stability, feeling depressed, stress management
    • Hormone imbalances such as thyroid, adrenal and blood sugar imbalances
    • Learning challenges such as ADD, SLDs, working memory and reading comprehension
    • Sensory Processing issues
    • Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Parkinson’s
    • Autism
    • Weight regulation
    • Consciousness Coaching for manifestation, life imbalances, relationship harmonization and support in the Soul’s journey.

  • A QIW or coaching session is usually  1 hour long and is done remotely via Zoom.  At the  scheduled time, we will connect on our private link sent to you in your scheduling reminder email.  We generally talk for a few minutes to get a sense of what we need to work with that day.  Then the client finds a comfortable place to relax either lying down or sitting comfortably where they can still talk and hear me, but we do not need to see each other.  We start by doing some deep breathing and grounding work to help relax the mind and get us into the optimal brain waves for healing.
    I generally begin by running the Quantum Biofeedback machine and muscle monitor where we need to start to  address the root issues (meridian imbalances, neural pathways, ancestral patterns etc…).  While the client is relaxing comfortably, I will talk about what we are finding and how it might relate to them.  Some clients like to process this information with me and dive deep into our findings.  Other clients like for me to work quietly and then give them a recap at the end for them to process later or on their own.  Either way is fine with me.   At the end of the session we will have a quick discussion about next steps or any support they might need (essential oils, homeopathics, nutritional recommendations…).

  • Even a single session can begin to move energy around issues that have a long lasting affect but we find that clients generally want to work through certain issues like ADD, anxiety, sleep disturbances, chronic pain etc… While I like to hold space in any moment for a complete and spontaneous healing, I often find that we need more than one session.  We offer single appointments, appointment bundles and packages to help customize our programs to our clients.  The best way to know what you will need is to have at least one appointment, experience the work, and discuss your long term goals.

  • We offer a wide variety of options to accommodate all budgets from monthly Quantum Biofeedback subscriptions (the most cost effective) to full single sessions.
    30 Minute Quantum Biofeedback Session:            $77
    60 Minute Integrative Wellness Session:                 $155
    Quantum Integrative Wellness Bundle: (3 or more full sessions) 10% off all sessions.
    Monthly Quantum Biofeedback Subscriptions:     Prices Vary
    Visit our Quantum Integrative Wellness page to see more details.