Boundary? What Boundary?


Boundary? What Boundary?



When you hear the word boundary, what do you think of? A fence, a property line, a hell no, a
“talk to the hand” move? It is a word we hear tossed around a lot! And yet, many of us have
never really stopped to investigate what that word means to us and how boundaries (or lack
thereof) can affect our lives.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are giving, giving, giving, your time, your
money, your love, your service, and you are feeling run down, unappreciated, and resentful?
We all have! Especially as women in our culture which values a very demanding masculine
energy and teaches young girls to play nice and say yes, even when they don’t really want to.
Ultimately, this is a prime example of the struggle to create and hold good energetic boundaries
magnified by social conditioning. In fact, they say when taking the Enneagram test, women
need to double-check their intentions because so many of us show as a 2, the Caregiver, when
that isn’t what we would be without social conditioning! Creating strong healthy energetic
boundaries starts with truly knowing who we are and who we aren’t so that others can respond
appropriately. This requires some hella strong divine alignment! And the whole business of
boundaries requires a shit ton of practice, especially for women!

When we look at boundary work from the perspective of the 5 Bodies of Consciousness, we can
see how an imbalance in an Archetype, the Supramental level, can create a cascade of
decisions, emotions, and feelings that will feel out of alignment. In the above example, we are
looking at the Archetype of the Caregiver. When in balance, a caregiver is a beautiful soul,
genuinely giving and caring, think Mother Teresa. But when it is out of alignment, and we give
because of social expectation or “shoulds”, then we are saying yes when we really mean no and
this results in rippling imbalances throughout the rest of the bodies of consciousness. It creates
RED ANTs (automatic negative thoughts) which are blame ANTs and the worst of the bunch
because they involve blaming people or situations for what is happening in our lives and leave
us in a victim state. A victim state will create a very specific set of thoughts, usually resentful
thoughts which will emote anger and frustration. That anger moving in the vital body will create
chi blockages in the Liver meridian and disrupt the delicate balance between Wood energy and
both Fire and Earth energy. Fire needs Wood energy to burn, so we can end up feeling
depressed and disconnected, and Wood controls Earth so a lack of control there can lead to
unfulfilled desires and feeling undernourished in our body, mind, and soul. This can finally show
up on the physical level as heart issues (pent up anger) or severe digestive issues as we don’t
have enough chi to digest our food and move it through the system, sorting through what we
need and what we don’t, which can lead to a whole host of other imbalances!
That is a pretty far-reaching imbalance and that is just with one Archetype! The fact is that we
need mental boundaries, emotional boundaries, physical boundaries, and energetic boundaries!
Becoming curious about your boundaries is the first step. I like to tell my clients it starts with just
asking yourself if you are saying yes when you MEAN yes and no when you MEAN no. If you
aren’t, there is an imbalance and saying yes now will generally lead to an imbalance later in
some way. Finding divine alignment can be challenging, but it is completely necessary! Your
chi requires you to move in this alignment and when you don’t, you will have physical symptoms
or cosmic 2x4s to get you back on track. Your body will try to teach you where your boundaries
are, but you have to listen. It starts by viewing your body as a communication tool. Everything
that is “wrong” is simply a symptom for you to be curious about what is out of balance
energetically. What boundary has been crossed and needs to be reset?

This week our live demo is a recording of a conversation I had with Meghan O’Malley about her
upcoming workshop “Embodied Boundaries”. I am so excited to share this workshop with you!
Meghan is an incredibly gifted facilitator and coach and I have the honor of being close friends
and a client of hers. When I have clients who really struggle with good boundaries, it is Meghan
I refer them to! This workshop goes even beyond Meghan’s incredible talent to bring in the
amplification of the healing power of horses!

Check out our video on FB to hear more about this amazing opportunity and if you are reading
this and any part of what you read hit home, this workshop is for you!

(Find more Meghan at and



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