energy medicine + coaching=alchemy

Are you ready for a new way?

You have probably tried all the things…the traditional western medicine, therapy, maybe you have even ventured to try something outside the box like functional medicine and acupuncture, and yet you are still sitting with something.  Maybe it is past trauma, a current body pain, or something more like anxiety or depression.  And all of the things you have tried have helped…some…but you have a sense there is more there.

We tend to try to “fix” our problems, or “get over them”.  We go to healers, doctors, and professionals that can help us to “get well”.  And all of these things can help us…some..But ultimately, it still puts in the power in someone elses hands.  All of these modalities are here to assist us and they are completely NECESSARY!  We need western medicine, and functional medicine, and acupuncture.  BUT, we also need the recognition that we have the ability to change and heal ourselves!  We can change how we think, which changes how we move energy (e-mote), which changes how we feel, and ultimately changes our physical being!  Doctors, therapists, coaches, and healers are here to help us with the journey, they are our guides and our community that help us to see what needs to be seen, they help us envision our desired future so that we can be in the present moment, which is the only moment that actually exists, and in the present moment we can completely connect to infinte potentiality and co-create our lives.

So what is energy medicine?

Energy Medicine is based in quantum physics and is the applied theory that all things at their core are made of energy. All energy emits a wave. We know some of them by our physical senses like sound and light waves, but the spectrum of waves is much larger than that, like radio waves and microwaves. The spectrum is vast and our understanding is constantly evolving.

The key to this spectrum and healing is to understand that all of these waves interact with each other.

In fact, they are all part of one larger energetic structure that seems to be separate but is in fact totally and completely entangled.

In Quantum wellness, we look to see how these waves are interacting (are they creating cohesion or dissonance?) and then use a vibrational healing modality (ie sound or light) to harmonize them. Many cultures around the world have been doing this for thousands of years like Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic medicine. In western cultures, many of these modalities have become mainstream but we are also just now beginning to appreciate the depths that vibrational medicine provides.


“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Nikola Tesla